We are not for the average, we are for excellence

We are a reliable partner in monitoring your business success, and we can successfully solve any kind of problem that may occur in your business.

To achieve maximum productivity in an increasingly competitive market conditions in the increasingly complex tax and accounting regulations, Plastron ensures its clients to focus their time and energy on their primary and key business activities. Plastron helps it’s clients to reduce costs and increase the quality of their accounting process for salary payments, tax optimization and financial reporting.

Since 2000 Plastron has gained the trust of a large number of customers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina with it’s knowledge, experience and professional approach. We approach each client individually and responsibly and we are ready to solve the most challenging problems in the domain of accounting, finance and tax issues. Our goal is customer satisfaction, therefore we continuously monitor the latest technology and constantly educate ourselves in our profession.

We have a professional liability insurance policy.

We introduced the DMS System, the digitization of complete documentation and we integrated it with ERP System.


  • Constant education in accounting profession
  • Data processing in the latest programs
  • Option to provide services online
  • We are always informed about preparations of new legal solutions and we daily monior legal regulations.
  • We are covered by insurance for the responsibility related to all services we provide
  • Protection of business secrets