Legality, professional ethics, expertise and competence, responsibility

An audit service is not only a review of the financial condition of your company, but also a great opportunity to improve the business of your company. Through our audit services you will find the weaknesses of your company that you did not know about, as well as the opportunity to improve your business processes. Our team of experienced auditors will help you find practical solutions and ideas to solve these weaknesses, discover new opportunities and as a result you will have a much stronger company.

We have a professional liability insurance policy.

We introduced the DMS System, the digitization of complete documentation and we integrated it with ERP System.


  • Constant education in accounting profession
  • Data processing in the latest programs
  • Option to provide services online
  • We are always informed about preparations of new legal solutions and we daily monior legal regulations.
  • We are covered by insurance for the responsibility related to all services we provide
  • Protection of business secrets